Chair of International Business and Supply Chain Management I

JSCM Virtual Methods Series

Top researchers share their expertise on specific methodological topics in five online sessions.

Over the last few weeks JSCM’s European team has broadcast a series of short impulse sessions on specific methodological topics. In five inspiring and insightful online sessions, more than 500 participants discussed experiences and concerns related to methodological topics, such as experimental design issues, networks, or configurational approaches. Renowned scholars from leading institutions in Europe and the North America shared key insights from their specific fields and encouraged participants to think about new methodological approaches and research questions. The sessions provided some very useful methodological guidance for future studies in a very interactive way.

The JSCM virtual methods series was concluded with the last session on March 18. JSCM’s European Team was grateful for a large number of people attending the online sessions and the many stimulating conversations.

The Journal of Supply Chain Management (JSCM) is one of the leading scientific journals in the field of operations and supply chain management worldwide. Lutz Kaufmann is the European Editor of JSCM since 2008.

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