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Meeting of international scholars at Maastricht University

Chair of Leadership meets the Editor-in-Chief of "The Leadership Quarterly"

Visit at Maastricht University
Visit at Maastricht University

For the past six years, John Antonakis, Professor of Organizational Behavior has been the Editor-in-Chief of the renowned journal The Leadership Quarterly. He is now succeeded by George Banks, Professor at the University of North Carolina (USA).

Shortly after taking office, Professor Banks is now visiting Europe - including a trip to Maastricht. Last week, he gave at lecture at Maastricht University on the topic of Virtual Leadership and shared his thoughts on the future development of leadership research.

The Chair of Leadership seized the opportunity to meet him in person and so Professor Gerpott traveled to Maastricht with her doctoral students Vera Schweitzer, Yannick Endres and Lioba Gierke.

Besides the interesting lecture, Roman Brinker, Assistant Professor for Organizational Behavior and initiator of the visit of Professor Banks, organized a city tour through Maastricht. The group of international scientists explored the beautiful city around the Maas river in bright sunshine. The scientific and cultural exchange ended with a delicious dinner.

Back in Düsseldorf, the team at the Chair of Leadership is now looking forward to implementing the new impulses and ideas in current and future scientific projects.