Chair of Leadership

Management Group Get-Together

Research talk and BBQ at WHU campus in Düsseldorf

One institute, five chairs, two centers. This is WHU's Management Group, which is committed to developing evidence-based recommendations for management practice alongside excellent research. At the end of September, the members of the Management Group met in Düsseldorf to welcome Professor Yuval Kalish, who was recently appointed at WHU.

The professors and their doctoral students spent a sunny afternoon on the terrace at the Düsseldorf campus. Next to a BBQ, there was also "food for thought" with a talk by Professor Suzanne van Gils. The professor from the Norwegian Business School gave a lecture on the central behaviors of "Ethical Leadership". These include, among others:

- Ensure fair procedures

- Ensure equal participation

- Promote critical thinking

- Search for shared values

- Equal weighing of all suggested ideas

These behaviors not only characterize ethical leadership but are also central principles in the way we work together in the Management Group! We look forward to further exchange and joint scientific projects!