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CineCoblenz Benefit Performance with Andrea Wolf and Hartmut Volle

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, a special cultural event took place at 6:30 p.m. in the WHU chapel. The actor couple Andrea Wolf and Hartmut Volle from Frankfurt performed the play "Love.... and always only love".

The performance led through the seasons of love: First freshly in love, full love, the distance, cold and then again from the beginning. Without love it just doesn't work. The songs, texts and sketches are by Loriot, Herbert Grönemeyer, Heinz Erhard, Reinhard Mey, Berthold Brecht and many others. The audience rewarded the performance with thunderous applause.

Andrea Wolf and Hartmut Volle are well-known from film and television and are theater actors on many stages in Germany. For 15 years, Hartmut Volle played the head of forensics in the crime thriller “Tatort Saarbrücken”.

The entrance was free, all income was used as donation for social purposes.

CineCoblenz, who shot the charity thriller "Das Dritte Auge" at WHU, was the organizer.