Chair of Sales Management and Business-to-Business Marketing

iExecutives meet WHU

MBA students meet with iExecutives to exchange ideas on job opportunities in Germany

The WHU Marketing and Sales Group has been in close contact with the iExecutives since the very beginning. The iExecutives e.V. is a non-profit organization made up of a network of former IBM managers who are dedicated to the promotion of sales and start-ups.

Following careers at IBM, the managers have taken their expertise into a variety of industries such as energy and waste management, mechanical engineering and IT services. Many of them are now active founders, entrepreneurs, business coaches and start-up consultants. This wealth of knowledge and experience makes for a very valuable connection with our MBA students, who are studying to become the strategical leaders of the future. Our program emphasizes management concepts that develop strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, operational excellence and intercultural awareness.

On 3 April 2017, 20 iExecutives visited our Düsseldorf campus to discuss technical and economic trends. Lectures centered around the opportunities and challenges of digitalization for sales, the possibilities of digital processes, as well as artificial intelligence and sharp project management. A discussion on programming tools and secure listening followed.

Our current MBA students were fortunate enough to meet with the iExecutives to exchange their ideas on career opportunities in Germany. Germany provides the world’s best return on investment for MBAs with a high quality of life, thriving economy and a multitude of job opportunities available. Giving our students the opportunity to meet groups such as the iExecutives broadens their ideas and knowledge of just how far the WHU MBA can take them in their future careers!