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Capital cited Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht

The magazine “Capital” interviewed Professor Fassnacht about Ikea.

Furniture for the broad masses at an affordable price: Following this idea, the founder of Ikea Ingvar Kamprad has built one of the largest furniture companies in the world. It is remarkable that the first store outside of Scandinavia was opened near Munich. Even today, Germany remains Ikea's most important sales market. In the recent issue of the magazine “Capital” Professor Dr. Martin Fassnacht was asked to comment on this topic. He explains the success of Ikea in Germany as follows: “The Germans are known to be price sensitive. And because of Aldi, we were already used to the concept of discount supermarkets – much more than consumers in other countries." Professor Fassnacht also pointed out, that Ingvar Kamprad has made furniture with good design affordable for broad segments of society. He is sure: "Ikea has democratized the world of furniture".

The complete article is available in the latest issue of "Capital" (12, 2019, p. 104).