Chair of Strategy and Marketing

Dissertation at the Chair of Strategy and Marketing

Mrs. Modan Huang successfully completed her PhD project.

Last week, on April 14, 2020, Mrs. Modan Huang successfully completed her PhD and was awarded with the academic degree Doctor Rerum Politicarum (Dr. rer. pol.). This time, given the special circumstances of the Corona virus, the disputation took place virtually and could be followed online by all participants.

Under the dissertation topic of “Perceived Product Newness from the Consumer’s Perspective – Literature Review and Conceptual Analysis”, Modan used the context of packaging of FMCG to specifically examine not only how newness perceptions by consumers can be directly enhanced by visual (i.e. package shape) and verbal (i.e. functional/emotional benefit claim, newness cue) packaging attributes at the point of sale, but more importantly, how they would interact with each other and what monetary values they carry. Her dissertation extends the research arena of product newness and offers tangible insights for marketing practitioners in the context of product launch.

We warmly congratulate Modan Huang and wish her all the best for her professional career!