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Quotations of Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht at Business Insider

Apple is looking into relocating a significant portion of its production from China to India.

The development comes as the coronavirus outbreak disrupted supply lines for tech companies. Would this step help to reduce the dependency on China? Business Insider talked with Professor Dr. Martin Fassnacht about this topic. “I believe that companies are now thinking more about having multiple suppliers, multiple options. Not necessarily triggered by the coronavirus, but certainly the current crisis reinforces this development", says Professor Fassnacht. He also pointed out, that there are tensions between China and the USA and positive developments in the relationship between the USA and India. In addition, the Indian government is doing a lot to become attractive for American companies and to lure businesses out of China. However, Professor Fassnacht does not expect to see a full-scale shift of manufacturing soon: “Let’s be realistic: China continues to play the leading role when you compare the figures", says Fassnacht.

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