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Media Contributions on The Future of Sports

Selected media articles on the results of our research and practice projects on the future of sport can be found here.

Athletic Interest – A Video Essay

Why Football Will End in 2049
“By developing robots and AI tools with sports in mind and vice versa, the boundaries of what is humanly possible will erode and a better, faster, stronger, and more exciting future for athletes and spectators may lay ahead. This essay forecasts the effects of robotics, bioengineering, machine learning, and virtual reality on sports.”

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Sports Maniac – The Sports Business Podcast

Future Readiness: How Sports Organizations Strategically Prepare for The Future
"How do sports organizations remain future ready? Professor Schmidt explains how the strategic use of technology can create a business case and subsequent, a competitive advantage for professional sports organizations."

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What Next?

Reimagining Sports: Where The Next Generation of Technology and Innovation Becomes Real
“Learn how advanced analytics and AI in sports are opening opportunities for systematic people and athlete development, and how new technologies can impact sports in the digital age.”

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Newsweek Magazine

What the World Cup Can Teach Business Leaders About Top Performers
“In order to identify the right roles and people, leaders and managers must consider their strategy and then their talent. What is the organization's five-year strategy and what roles will be critical in executing it? To determine the right talent, organizations should leverage performance data to make decisions in the most objective way possible.”

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An overview of various media contributions on other topics can be found here.