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Alumni Pledge Donation to Their Alma Mater

The In Praxi Network supports WHU’s Entrepreneurship Center with six-figure donations

Both Academic Co-Directors of the WHU Entrepreneurship Center, Professor Dries Faems (left) and Professor Christoph Hienerth (right), were visibly happy about In Praxi’s donation to the Center. Klaudia Wilde, responsible for fundraising management at In Praxi, delivered the alumni organization’s renewed donation.

With years of successful cooperation and joint commitment under their belt, In Praxi, the alumni organization at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, and the school’s Entrepreneurship Center are set to further strengthen their strategic partnership. The proof comes in the form of the graduates’ commitment to donating 100,000€ through In Praxi annually for the next three years. Their goal is to aid the Entrepreneurship Center—already a successful venture—in increasing its effectiveness and in exploring untapped potential when it comes to supporting young founders with their start-ups. “We’re thrilled that we will be able to continue providing structural support to the center in the coming years,” explained Dr. Marco Vietor, Chairholder at In Praxi and the founder of Audibene, a start-up with a workforce of 1,500 people across 10 countries. “These donations underscore the alumni’s commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit at WHU. They also represent the strong ties between In Praxi and the Entrepreneurship Center, as well as their mutual efforts to produce WHU’s next successful wave of entrepreneurs.”

In Praxi regularly offers financial backing—an average of 250,000€ – 300,000€ each year—to various branches of WHU. Apart from supporting the Entrepreneurship Center, the organization also offers scholarships, rentable workstations, and the In Praxi Learning Center. The alumni’s strong interest in the students currently enrolled at WHU reflects high demand in the job market. Many start-ups—those founded by WHU alumni in particular—welcome these students as interns and even full employees. Professor Dries Faems, Academic Co-Director of the Center, also expressed his sentiments on the alumni’s commitment and their willingness to donate: “At the WHU Entrepreneurship Center, we consider our alumni crucial stakeholders in nurturing and stimulating our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are therefore very grateful that In Praxi is also providing an important financial contribution to support the center’s activities.”

Notably, the graduates, among which is a legion of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, do not merely offer financial support. Apart from acting as angel investors, they regularly take on the role of a mentor, using their knowledge to help new entrepreneurs get their start-ups off the ground. One example of such efforts was seen at the most recent WHU Accelerator, where 80 graduates of the WHU alumni network shadowed a fresh crop of aspiring entrepreneurs over the course of several weeks, offering helpful tips along the way.

“We’re excited to continue our fruitful cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Center and that we are part of this flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Klaudia Wilde, Director of Development at WHU and also the one responsible for fundraising management at In Praxi. “Entrepreneurship,” she continued, “is at the core of WHU’s DNA.”