Entrepreneurship Center

Fashion Revolution Night 2019

The WHU Entrepreneurship Center organized another Fashion Revolution Night on WHU Campus Düsseldorf on April 25, 2019.

This event was part of the Fashion Revolution Week: a week of campaigns and action all around the world to demand for greater transparency in the fashion supply chains. The annual event takes place during the week of 24 April, to remember the 2013 Rana Plaza factory building collapse in Bangladesh.

WHU Entrepreneurship Center joined this movement with an event on the topic of innovative startups in the field of social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Monika Hauck, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at WHU, and Anja Gräf, Director of HSBC Alternative Investments, started the evening with a short introduction of the Fashion Revolution movement. Stephanie Klotz, Communications Manager of C&A Foundation, talked about the importance of collaboration in the fashion industry and introduced a new industry initiative the Open Apparel Registry.

During the event a newly, released film, FAIR TRADERS, was presented. This documentary shows the life and work of three entrepreneurs who realized their dream to create impact and find meaning in live by taking an entrepreneurial action.

The evening rounded up with an interactive panel discussion on “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”. Daniela Perak (Roberta Organic Fashion), Dr. Julian Conrads (FOND OF), Heiko Wunder (Wunderwerk) and Lukas Pünder (retraced) reflected on what it takes to start, finance and scale a sustainable business.