Female Leadership

Female Founder and Future Founder Scholarships

Think, act, and learn like an entrepreneur with our scholarships

Are you innovative and have unconventional ideas? Do you like a highly energetic lifestyle not bound to 9-5? Are you excited about working with like-minded people? WHU's Master in Entrepreneurship Program can help you achieve your goals! The program is Germany's 1st Master in Entrepreneurship Program and addresses graduates with a degree in a business-related field of study as well as graduates from STEM or other subjects who can demonstrate an appropriate background in entrepreneurship-related topics, e.g. through electives, thesis, or practical exposure.


With our Master in Entrepreneurship scholarships, we aim to achieve:

  • Developing exceptional talent and empowering entrepreneurial action
  • Providing monetary assistance and access to first class education 
  • Offering a unique network and support to succeed after graduation

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