StartingUp in Düsseldorf

On April 30, WHU Campus Düsseldorf hosted the new event format “StartingUp in Düsseldorf”. It was organized by the WHU Entrepreneurship Center in cooperation with Wirtschaftsförderung Düsseldorf.

Over the last years, the startup ecosystem in Düsseldorf has been growing significantly. With its vast corporate landscape, dense population and friendly governmental policies, the city offers an ideal environment for new venture creation. “StartingUp in Düsseldorf” gave students, alumni and other interested participants the opportunity to learn more about why Düsseldorf is an interesting region for launching your own startup.

Monika Hauck, Managing Director of the WHU Entrepreneurship Center, and the venture capital legal expert, Dr. Sven Greulich, partner at Orrick Düsseldorf, welcomed the guests. Ingo Stefes from the Startup Unit of City Düsseldorf introduced Düsseldorf as an attractive location for founders and explained how the City acts as an active supporter of startups by providing tips on financing, co-working spaces and network opportunities. Peter Hornik from DigiHub, spoke about the Ignition Acceleration Program and the availability of governmental scholarships for founders in NRW. Finally, Timon Gottschalk from NRW.BANK, informed the guest about diverse options of later-stage startup financing. The evening ended with an interactive panel discussion and a networking between existing and aspiring founders.