Workshop: Fundraising and Capitalization

Insider tips and tricks to securing funding

On Wednesday, April 7th, we held our Fundraising and Capitalization Workshop with Sebastian Pollock, former co-founder & co-CEO of Amorelie and Founding Partner at Visionaries Club VC, and Sebastian Johnston, Founder & CEO of VIVERE and General Partner at La Famiglia VC!

During the workshop, both speakers provided attendees with insights into raising funds as a startup, as well as the many obstacles, pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities one might face. As active investors themselves, they also explained what VCs and business angels look for in portfolio companies and how to get noticed by investors. Also, students had the chance to get their questions answered during our Q&A session!

Thank you to all that attended for your active participation and our guest speakers for being open and imparting your knowledge! We'd also like to give a special thanks to Alexander Petkov and Mohid Butt, who proposed starting these workshops and acted as a critical driving force behind them!

Would you like to attend a workshop in the future? Then, follow our channels or get in touch to find out more!

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