Fireside Chat in Düsseldorf

WHU Ladies welcomed Sonja Stuchtey to a fireside chat to discuss "Gender Diversity."

On 17th of November, the WHU Ladies Society welcomed Sonja Stuchtey (D 1994) to a fireside chat on WHU’s Campus in Düsseldorf. Besides stories from Sonja’s exciting career path, which she keeps up next to having a family of six kids, the evening was coined by discussions regarding „Gender Diversity“. Sonja introduced the assertion that current developments leading to disunited societies, for instance the success of the AfD, Brexit, Trump etc. have lead to the need for a much more integrated leadership style. Women should see this as an opportunity they can seize as they generally have a greater potential for such a management approach. The participants elaborated a lot on this stimulating assertion, also on how women can reach such a position in order to unfold their full potential. Furthermore, they discussed how „Gender Balance“ could be best addressed at WHU altogether.