RK Frankfurt: Body language? Forget it.

An event of the Ladies@WHU with the regional district Frankfurt and Kellogg Alumni.

Executive Presence was the topic of the keynote lecture & networking evening on 3 September 2019 in Frankfurt. Kay-Sölve Richter and Christoph Münzner from (Richter & Münzner I Executive Presence) shared their experiences with the participants. What do you feel when you are about to perform (lecture, presentation, etc.)? Most managers are not as strong and convincing as they would like to be at this very moment. What is the reason? Many of us carry a backpack of false expectations and copied behaviors along with them and have not yet realized that authentic gestures, facial expressions and voice and the right content can reach the audience better and more sustainably. Kay-Sölve Richter and Christoph Münzer vividly introduced us to a few types of speakers, some of whom might be slumbering within us or seem familiar to us: among them the nappy-soft "Chameloen-Clone" (a guy who repeatedly puts down in his inexpressive, self-repeating appearances) and the infamous "Buzzword-Catapult" (who likes to use as many fashionable words as possible and thereby loses sight of the message of his speech).

Conclusion: You can put away your heavy backpack with all kinds of rules and behaviour patterns for a successful performance and focus on WHAT you want to say and let your own authenticity take effect. With contents we learned: mostly less is more.  

After the entertaining impulse lecture and the following question and answer session we had drinks & finger food on the roof terrace of our host - with an impressive Sky-Line. There was another intensive exchange about what we had heard, but ideas for future events and formats were also collected with the aim of reviving the network even more. An all-round successful event! Many thanks to Hoesch & Partner for the great premises and to Hanne Mai, who was able to win the speakers for the evening through personal contact!