Thinking Environment and Signature Presence

Workshop: "Personal signature presence, relationship management and communication styles."

On April 1, with the generous support of BCG, we hosted a special workshop on "Personal signature presence, relationship management and communication styles for increasing impact" at Campus Düsseldorf. The wonderful Liz de Wet ( introduced about 20 ladies to the basic methods of the thinking environment. A thinking environment supports optimum thinking - both alone and in teams. It's mainly about "attention and equality, appreciation and diversity", appreciative listening as a catalyzer for your own thinking. We were also able to experience this ourselves within the scope of many practical exercises. Later we gained insights into our personal "signature presence" and learned how to strengthen one's impact and influence on others. The key to this is based on the three columns of relations, communication and personal well-being. The atmosphere of the workshop was very relaxed, open and inspiring. Within the breaks and during the get-together after the event there were plenty of opportunities for networking with other participants and the representatives from BCG. Thanks a lot to Liz and BCG for arranging this great workshop!