Workshop "Successful with Charisma and Style"

Ladies@WHU workshop on how "a woman" can be successful with charisma and style in Düsseldorf.

Right in the beginning, the workshop became very interactive. Angela Graf, graduate psychologist, trainer, coach and for several years executive manager at "Deutsche Bank AG", invited the participants to briefly introduce themselves and to elaborate on their motives for attending this workshop. Subsequently mutual feedback about the first impression was given in a speed-dating-round : How do I come across: friendly or rather restrained? Do I seem likeable? How could I improve my appearance?“

It went on with theoretical contents and a vivid discussion of the questions: What exactly is charisma, how can I use it, and which effect can people with charisma achieve? Since charismatic people can attract more attention and are better in enforcing decisions, it is important to know how to improve your impact on others.  A woman should reflect her strengths, her personality, and her effect on others, train them purposefully, and use them consciously. But how? Sometimes it's the small things that make the difference. Deliberately searching for eye contact, handling the voice skilfully in regards to tempo and volume, and paying attention to the right posture. However, an important factor is also to have a positive inner attitude.

After a short break, the second part of the workshop started with a focus on the factor of style. With exciting topics such as "Which style type am I?" and "How do I want to appear to others?", it went on with concrete hints and tips to a classy and stylish appearance. Amongst other things, the participants learned which accessories support a stylish appearance and what they should pay attention to regarding the choice of clothes for different occasions. Finally, Angela Graf explained what makes a good style. This was not about external features, but about other aspects. A friendly approach towards EVERYBODY, writing letters and cards instead of e-mails, and the ability for intelligent conversations are only a few examples of a great style.