Global Online MBA

Top Questions About an Online MBA

We answer the most popular questions from candidates

Choosing a study program is not a simple decision. With a wealth of options available on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which one is best suited to your personal needs and situation.

We have collected some of the most popular questions asked by prospective students, to help you make the right decision for you!

  1. Why should I choose the Global Online MBA?
  2. Why WHU?
  3. How much time do I need to invest?
  4. Is it possible to change tracks?
  5. How do you maintain a personal connection online?
  6. Is it possible to join the MBA student clubs?
  7. Is the program entrepreneur-friendly?

Why should I choose the Global Online MBA rather than the Part-Time MBA?

Studying for a part-time MBA requires living close to the campus and availability at weekends. This can be difficult if you work full-time or have other responsibilities, such as being a parent. An Online MBA allows for the highest level of flexibility. Students in the Global Online MBA can decide where and when to start their intensive learning or catch up on a lecture, without being tied to a specific location or set lecture times.

Why WHU when there are other international and established online programs?

There is a wealth of options for online learning. Still, only some are from accredited institutions and offer an official MBA certificate upon completion.

With a #1 ranked MBA program with the Financial Times, the WHU offers the same content as their Full-Time MBA Program in a digestible and interactive online format. Not only is the school accredited, but all students receive a full MBA certificate when they graduate. Knowledge learned in class is connected to real-life case studies by the expert faculty, and students benefit from a worldwide MBA alumni network. Global Online MBA students also profit from WHU's #1 ranked Career Center. Each student receives dedicated personal development which helps participants refine their leadership skills and career focus.

It is essential to consider what each online MBA can offer you individually and any extras you may not find anywhere else.  

How much time do you need to invest into the online MBA?

Students require around 10 to 20 hours per week dedicated to studying the online MBA in the 24-month track. This can vary between modules and professors who have different teaching styles or tempos. Still, students will often be informed when they focus on specific content or need extra readings. In the 36-month track, this time investment reduces to around 8 to 9 hours a week.

Sometimes you may need to align with fellow students for group work, especially those in different time zones. As with many things, you get out of it what you put in.

Is it possible to switch between the 24- and 36-month tracks?

It is possible to switch between the tracks; selecting a track will depend on your current situation and how motivated you are to study for a longer (or shorter) period. You can shorten your study time to a more compact fast-track program by switching from the 24-month track to 18 months. However, this requires a high level of motivation to fit the course content into everyday life.

There is also the option for switching to a longer track and extending your studies (i.e., 24 to 36) if you feel that you are struggling to fit the program into your schedule and would like a more flexible format. What is essential is that the program fits into your life as seamlessly as possible.

“The admissions team were so helpful with guiding me through the different options and how I could customize and pause my studies if needed,” says Global Online MBA student Samantha. “It seemed like a much more practical and personalized approach than other programs.”

How do you cooperate with the other students and maintain a connection?

Maintaining a personal connection with your cohort is an integral part of study life at WHU! This is no different within the Global Online MBA. Group work takes up a large portion of studying in the MBA, so a lot of time will be spent with your fellow students during case studies and sessions. Outside of the group work, the online MBA students socialize with themed events, seasonal parties, and informal weekly catchups.

“It doesn’t feel like a virtual program,” explains Global Online MBA student Wissam. “I meet my team for the group work often two or three times a week and usually for hours at a time. We also meet on a social basis, and it helps you feel more relaxed as a group. You never feel alone. There is always someone there to help and support you.”

Is it possible to join the MBA student clubs even if you are in the online MBA?

Yes! And at WHU, there are several different clubs to get involved with, including the Consulting Club, Women in Business Club, and the Entrepreneurship Roundtable.

WHU also regularly invites experts from outside the school, including alumni, who share content, resources, and insights. For example, previous visits have included Don Leslie, a British career mentor in the consulting industry. Other open workshops for all students include topics such as creating presentations or survival skills in different professional situations.

Does the program prepare you for an entrepreneurial future?

In the WHU Global Online MBA, students represent many different industries, cultural backgrounds, and ideas. Creativity is welcome, and this diversity of thought enriches the interactions between students and professors, often leading to new ideas!

WHU is considered one of the top entrepreneurial business schools in Germany. Its start-up ecosystem is home to 10 German unicorns, including Zalando, Hello Fresh, and Rocket Internet. With visits from our successful alumni, events, workshops, and a global network, the program supports entrepreneurial thinking and can be a great way to meet future co-founders. If you are already an entrepreneur, then the program is a great way to fill any gaps in your business knowledge and acumen.

Students can also get involved via the student club, the Entrepreneurship Roundtable, the Entrepreneurship Center, or even listen to the regular podcast, the Best and Most Awesome Founder Podcast.