Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

Company visit at Gerolsteiner Brunnen

The WHU Bachelor European Summer Program visited Gerolsteiner Brunnen together with with apl. Professor Dr. Tim Oliver Brexendorf.

As part of the session “Brand management in Europe”, Professor Brexendorf visited Gerolsteiner Brunnen with the class. The brand “Gerolsteiner” is one most known mineral water brands in Europe and Germany, selling around 900 million water bottles every year. Markus Macioszek, Head of Marketing at Gerolsteiner, and Tom Kretschmar, Head of Brand & Digital, gave the WHU ESP students deep insights into their brand management activities and their future challenges. Part of the visit was also a factory visit of Gerolsteiner. We thank Markus Macioszek and his team for the invitation and the great support.