Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

EMAC 2023 Conference in Denmark

HCCG's doctoral students Lukas Schnabl and Florian Platzek present research projects at the EMAC 2023 Conference in Odense, Denmark

In the end of May, HCCG's doctoral students Lukas Schnabl and Florian Platzek had the opportunity to present their research papers at the largest European Marketing Conference in Odense, Denmark.

In collaboration with Asst. Prof. Dr. Anna-Karina Schmitz, the following projects were presented:

Lukas Schnabl presented his current research project on the effectiveness of sustainable advertising messages. First results show that adding sustainable claims does not necessarily change consumers' price sensitivity. Furthermore, negative framing has a stronger effect on consumer perception compared to positive framing.

Florian Platzek researches on the topic "How small brands drive sustainable entrepreneurship in organizations: exploring the interplay between small brands and incumbents". Both were able to shed light on the role of sustainable brands in brand portfolio transformations and which factors determine the success or failure of sustainability transformations.

In addition, Katharina Göring-Lensing-Hebben from the Chair of Strategy & Marketing was able to present her work on the Attitude-Behavior Gap.

With best weather and a great organization, the HCCG's doctoral students were able to exchange ideas on current issues with many other researchers from all over the world. With over 500 participants, EMAC provided a great setting for this. We say: see you next year in Bucharest!