Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

Guest Lecture: Nora Tank

Nora Tank gives a lecture on 'Rethink Fashion' from Perwoll (Henkel)

As part of the M.Sc. course 'Sustainable Marketing' by Jun.-Prof. Anna-Karina Schmitz, Nora Tank, Director Int. Marketing Laundry Care Henkel gave exciting insights into the Rethink-Fashion campaign of the Perwoll brand. After a brief introduction to the Perwoll brand and its history, Nora Tank explained the current challenges brands face in the laundry detergent segment and why "Brand Purpose" is becoming increasingly important. The Rethink Fashion campaign takes a new approach to the trend of sustainability and makes a significant contribution to consumers being able to handle clothing more carefully and sustainably. This leads to a lower consumption of resources and less waste. Nora Tank showed what is important when creating such a campaign and how to communicate it credibly to consumers.

We thank Nora Tank for her exciting lecture and her contribution to the Sustainable Marketing course.