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Award for a Bestseller

"Einführung in das Controlling" wins VHB Best Textbook Award 2021

Authors Utz Schäffer and Jürgen Weber are pleased to receive the Best Textbook Award of the German Association of Business Research (VHB), which is presented annually to an outstanding innovative textbook. The VHB's prestigious prize aims to help recognize the importance of scientifically established teaching in the field of business administration.

"Einführung in das Controlling" by Utz Schäffer and Jürgen Weber was published in its 16th edition together with the 4th edition of the accompanying exercise and case study book last year.

As a pioneering and as the most cited controlling textbook in the German-speaking world, "Einführung in das Controlling" is aimed at all students pursuing controlling as a basic or advanced course. Consistently practical and theory-based at the same time, it provides the necessary foundation, concepts, and tools that controllers need for their work.

Selected videos and download materials that complement and illustrate the presentation in the book can be accessed via QR codes within the book and via the online portal