Institute of Management Accounting and Control

The evaluation society and the appeal of likes and stars.

Speech by Lukas Löhlein at "education & coffee" at the Business Club Hamburg.

Stars, likes, and reviews. Data on every aspect of our behavior is increasingly collected, shared, and compared, both in the professional and private context. Universities compete for the best places in the annual university rankings, NGOs quantify, measure, and compare their social impact, employees evaluate the performance of their colleagues, and individuals count their posts' likes. Step by step, a society of likes and rankings is emerging in which everything and everyone is constantly being evaluated, compared, and ranked.

As part of his presentation in the "education & coffee" event series, Lukas Löhlein, Asst. Professor at the Institute of Management Accounting & Control pointed out the direct and indirect consequences of a society in which evaluations, metrics, and rankings continuously expand and disseminate. The presentation vividly outlined the impact this development has on individuals, organizations, and societies. The lively discussion among the participants that followed the presentation underlined the relevance of the topic. 

The next "education & coffee" event will take place on October 27th, 2021. Jun.-Prof. Nicole Gottschalck will talk about "Leadership and Collaboration with and after the Pandemic." If you are interested in participating, please contact Vicky Hansen for further information.