Institute of Management Accounting and Control

WHU Research Seminar in Management Accounting & Control

Steering Through the Fog: How Color Coding Affects Decision Making in Noisy Environments.

This week, we had the chance and pleasure of welcoming Victor Maas from the University of Amsterdam to our WHU campus in Vallendar.

Victor gave an inspiring talk to the WHU research community about the use of color coding in performance reports. We discussed together how the use of colors could help managers in their decision-making and how these results could be used in the design of performance dashboards.

In their research, Victor and his co-authors Eddy Cardinaels and IMC alum Stephan Kramer conducted two experiments which show that color coding (using green for positive and red for negative performance feedback) can help mitigate the negative effects of performance measure noise. Furthermore, before and after the seminar, Victor engaged in discussions with WHU faculty and gave valuable feedback to IMC doctoral students.

Victor Maas is a professor of accounting at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his Ph.D. also from the University of Amsterdam and previously worked at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In his research, he investigates how economic, cognitive, and social factors interact to determine how individuals produce and use accounting information.