Boundary Management & Job Detachment

On February 10, 2021, we held an exciting event on an extremely timely topic that many of us are currently dealing with!

The Corona pandemic has changed many things, including the way we work. Where we can, we sit in a home office and come to terms with the spatial, family and technical circumstances.

A particular challenge is to shape the boundary between work and non-work.

  • What strategies are there here?
  • What is my role as an individual, what is my responsibility as a manager?
  • How do I succeed in switching off from work?
  • What other recovery strategies are there?

Dr. Wiebke Stegh, business psychologist, consultant & trainer answered these questions and gave us tools on how we can all get through these times a bit more relaxed and satisfied.

Participants learned to become aware of which personal preferences of boundary setting fit them, their work and their life situation. An important aspect is also to increase awareness of how many "hats" everyone already wears and the multitude of tasks we already take on. We all take on multiple roles, for example as employee, manager, colleague, partner, friend, parent, child, in voluntary work,... the list is endless. Therefore, it is about more than "just" drawing the classic line between work and non-work. Temporal, spatial and psychological boundaries play a major role here. Dr. Stegh gave the participants exciting insights into the research of boundary management and at the same time presented helpful strategies that each of us can apply to keep our personal balance in check. To that end, she provided attendees not only with strategies that address the stress process, but also the recovery process. Fittingly, we ended the event with a shared mindfulness exercise.

We would like to thank Dr. Isabel von Korff & Silke Strohe for the organization and Dr. Wiebke Stegh for this great lecture!