Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

Price management in the consumer goods market

Frederic Jean and Stefano Boselli provide insights into corporate practice

At the end of our B2C Price Management master course, we welcomed Frederic Jean (Head of Sales Germany/Switzerland, Consumer Adhesives) and Stefano Boselli (Senior Manager Global Strategic Pricing Adhesives for Consumers and Craftsmen) from Henkel Adhesives to the Vallendar campus. 
The lecture, which lasted almost one and a half hour, showed our students which factors a company has to consider in order to calculate optimal pricing. In addition, various practical examples were used to demonstrate the role of sales management. In particular, the guest lecture was able to illustrate how the various lecture concepts are implemented in practice.

We thank Frederic and Stefano for their visit to Vallendar and the exciting perspective on price management in the adhesives sector.