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Sebastian Doetsch successfully defends his dissertation

5 publications on Bespoke Supply Chain Resilience

On Friday, April 21, 2023, Sebastian Doetsch successfully defended his dissertation on the topic of “Bespoke Supply Chain Resilience”. Co-advisor of the thesis was Associate Professor Marjolein Buisman. Sebastian Doetsch has published one Springer book chapter, two articles in management journals, a Star-Journal article and one working paper on SSRN.


1. Refereed Article

  • Cohen, Morris; Cui, Shiliang; Doetsch, Sebastian; Ernst, Ricardo; Huchzermeier, Arnd; Kouvelis, Panos; Lee, Hau; Matsuo, Hirofumi; Tsay, Andy (2022): Bespoke supply-chain resilience: The gap between theory and practice. Journal of Operations Management, (5), pp. 515-53, and

2. Book Chapters

3. Articles in Management Journals

4. SSRN Working Paper

  • Doetsch, Sebastian; Huchzermeier, Arnd (2023): The Intersection of Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability from a Theoretical and Practical Perspective: An Integrated Framework. SSRN, forthcoming, 66 p., and