Timo Möller (McKinsey): "From micro- to minimobility"

Guest presentation in the module "Sustainable Urban Transport"

On Monday 06.02.2023 Timo Möller will give a guest lecture in the course "Sustainbable Urban Transport by Prof. Arne Strauss about so-called mini-mobility, i.e., small electric vehicles with a size that puts them between micromobility solutions (like e-scooters) and cars. They have the advantage of higher security and better protection against bad weather, and thereby overcome some of the disadvantages of micromobility.

Timo Möller is Partner at the McKinsey office in Cologne and co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility with a focus on strategic and operational issues related to disruptive trends; supporting scale-ups and established companies in transforming the mobility business.

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