Chair of Strategy and Marketing

CASH Handelsforum 2022

Professor Fassnacht opened 2nd day of 37th CASH Trade Forum with his keynote speech

Professor Fassnacht opened the 2nd day of the CASH Retail Forum with his keynote address and specifically addressed the challenges of brand management with various theses. Since digitalization is increasingly blurring the classic boundaries between retailers and manufacturers, completely new competitive situations are being created in which everyone is in competition with everyone else, but new spaces are also being created for the emergence of new types of cooperation. Furthermore, he sees a trend towards a significant reduction in the number of brands among the groups in order to concentrate more intensively on the remaining brands and to be able to invest in them, as well as to create a "trust anchor for the customer" with these remaining core brands. Furthermore, Prof. Fassnacht also addressed the future of food retailing and the important trend towards fully automated stores. If you are interested in more information, please read the full article here.