Chair of Strategy and Marketing

Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht at the BAYERN 2 morning show

Food retail: discounters and supermarkets fight for customers

In the German food trade, the positions were clearly defined for a long time: On the one hand, a large selection and high-quality food in the supermarket, and on the other hand, the low-priced alternatives in the discounter. Even today, discounters still advertise the fact that they offer the most affordable products. But they now have to emphasize their price differences even stronger. Because at first glance, customers no longer see it when they go to a store of Aldi, Lidl, Penny or Netto. In recent years, discounters have upgraded both their product range and their store design. Why do they make these upgrades?

In the morning show "Notizbuch" of the BAYERN 2, Ralf Schmidberger interviewed Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht on this topic. The show was aired on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Listen the recorded version of the show here.