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Zitate von Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht im Business Insider

Phänomen “Revenge-Shopping”: Kommt das jetzt auch nach Deutschland?

"Revenge shopping" is the term used to describe a trend in which consumers catch up on shopping opportunities that they were unable to make during the pandemic. To what extent will this phenomenon also spread in Germany? Last week, Business Insider Germany spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht about this topic and asked for his assessment. Prof. Fassnacht sees the trend of revenge shopping as already becoming more significant in the US than in Germany at the moment. "Consumers were vaccinated more quickly in the USA, which is why the consumption is now also recovering more quickly there," says Prof. Fassnacht. The trend will also be visible in Germany if the vaccination campaign continues to go well. How long revenge shopping will last is difficult to predict, he says: "Of course, German consumers now feel the need to make up for missed shopping opportunities for a few months, but I am sceptical that this trend will last," says Prof. Fassnacht. 

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