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Forscher Auftritt - Prof. Fassnacht in the RUNDSCHAU

RUNDSCHAU für den Lebensmittelhandel interviewed Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht

In the June issue of RUNDSCHAU, Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht spoke with Martina Kausch about the challenges that lie ahead for food retailers after the pandemic. Asked about concrete suggestions for the food retail sector, Prof. Fassnacht said: "Think strategically, look to the future and work hard. Supermarkets must expand the private label assortment and emotionalise their private labels similar to brand products. The discounters are already expanding the assortment." In addition, the topic of e-food would be very important in the context of the new developments. "The e-food topic will become bigger in Germany and will also be an important subject for the food retailers. E-food has almost doubled in 2020 and has risen to two percent," Prof. Fassnacht emphasised. 

Read the entire interview here (page 74, German only).