Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

Guest lectures in the course B2C Price Management

Digital and international price management

As part of our B2C price management course this year, our guest speakers Björn Dahmen and Frank Frohmann provided exciting insights into business practice.
Björn Dahmen, partner at Simon, Kucher & Partners, shared with us exciting case studies from international price management and pointed out challenges and solutions companies should address when pricing on a cross-national level.
Frank Frohmann, management consultant and author of the book "Digital Pricing", conducted a case study on "Price Management in the Digital Age" in collaboration with the Henkel Center team. The students had the task of developing the optimal pricing strategy for a streaming service provider or a smartphone manufacturer and to derive suitable recommendations for action. After a working period of three weeks, the results were presented during the lecture.
We would like to thank Björn Dahmen and Frank Frohmann for the interesting insights, which once again enriched our B2C Price Management course.