Chair of Strategy and Marketing

New publication in the "Handbuch Digitalisierung" anthology

The chapter was written by A.-K. Schmitz, M. Fassnacht, K. Göring-Lensing-Hebben and O. Fiebig.

The chapter on "Strategic Aspects of Omnichannel Business" written by the authors Anna-Karina Schmitz, Martin Fassnacht, Katharina Göring-Lensing-Hebben and Oona Fiebig was published in March 2022 in the scientific anthology "Handbuch Digitalisierung". The article refers to the transformation of the retail landscape, through innovative approaches and the use of digital technologies, and the accompanying changes in the demands for flexibility, convenience, and transparency on the part of end consumers. Due to this transformation, the complexity of sales channels - online and offline - is increasing, boundaries between industries and channels are blurring and new players are appearing in the market. Consumers are also better informed and more demanding due to information transparency, so companies need to come up with a carefully curated omnichannel strategy to be successful in the market. To this end, the authors derive eight theses on how companies can best adapt to this, and which strategy makes the most sense for them. Read the entire chapter in the print edition starting on p. 844.