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Social media as a new attractive fundraising channel?

Joint study by Professor Dr. Christian Schlereth and Beatrice Martin with the Fundraiser Magazine

For many nonprofit organizations, the need to maintain or expand their financial room for maneuver through fundraising has increased in recent years. Fundraising on social media, especially Facebook, is a new way to do this.

However, this new way of donating is still little explored and an unfamiliar channel for many organizations. As a result, some nonprofits in Germany are very skeptical about whether and how they should use this tool.

In a joint study with Fundraiser Magazine, Professor Dr. Christian Schlereth and Beatrice Martin investigated the use of Facebook fundraising and related questions such as

  • What advantages or disadvantages would it have for German nonprofits to use this tool?
  • What is the opinion of German professional fundraisers on this topic?
  • How does this tool behave during a crisis?

The most important findings are:

  • Only 30% of the nonprofits surveyed currently use Facebook fundraising. NGOs with a focus on health are the majority users of Facebook fundraisers.
  • Nonprofits still appear to have a lack of or incomplete knowledge about how Facebook fundraisers work.
  • Which individuals start a Facebook fundraiser for the nonprofit is more important than simply maximizing the number of individuals who initiate fundraisers.

Please find the detailed study here. In addition, Beatrice Martin will present the results of the study to the scientific community at the next European Marketing Academy Conference.