Chair of Leadership

Strengthening Teamwork by Encouraging Team Spirit

The Chair of Leadership reinforces a sense of togetherness and works on teamwork during a lakeside group outing

With the hot temperatures this summer everyone is excited if they get to enjoy an air-conditioned office. But where is an even better place to cool off on hot days? At the lake! So the team of the Chair of Leadership spent this year's team day at Lake Baldeney, south of Essen. Professor Gerpott states: "Equipped with a picnic basket and a deck of cards, we strolled along the lake, took a break now and then in the shade of the trees and enjoyed our company. After working remotely for quite some time, it was really nice to spend some time together as a team!".

In previous years, the team of the Chair of Leadership always used their team day for a team reflection. This time the team took another day for this and participated as beta-testers in a detailed team analysis conducted by MONDAY.ROCKS GmbH. MONDAY.ROCKS GmbH has developed a software for data-based analysis of team collaboration and supports teams to unlock their full potential. What already works well in the team? In which areas can the team improve and how do they implement this together? With all that they learned over the session, the team is looking forward to the fall, motivated to tackle the upcoming semester.

Lioba Gierke, doctoral candidate at the Chair of Leadership, summarizes as follows: "The day at the lake and the team workshop showed once again: Not only can we work well together, but we also have a lot of fun doing it!"