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The hour of the discounters

Why are Aldi, Lidl and Co. making a comeback? Professor Fassnacht explains his view.

Henryk Hielscher, publisher of the WirtschaftsWoche, explains in his article from March 11th 2022 why, in his view, the hour of the discounters has dawned. Since the beginning of the pandemic, large supermarket chains, and not necessarily the discounters, have been able to achieve significant gains, as consumers have had more money available for food and many consumers have shifted their shopping and going out budgets. "This trend is just turning, the discount business sees lots of traction" stated Professor Martin Fassnacht since with the end of the Corona restrictions, consumers are again spending more money on restaurant visits, pubs or travel. Additional influences such as the current Ukraine war and high inflation rates are causing the cost of living to rise rapidly, with the result that the money available is becoming scarcer and consumers will once again increasingly go to the discounters.

Read the entire article in Wirtschaftswoche, March 11, 2022, p. 11 (print edition).