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Welt quotes Professor Fassnacht on the subject of plagiarism

Professor Fassnacht comments on current EY study on plagiarism in Welt article from 22.07.2022

Just in time for the summer season, a study by the management consultancy EY on the subject of "Acquiring fakes" appears, the representative results of which were published in the Welt article "In the summer vacations, product counterfeiters have high season".  By Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnachts point of view the acquisition of counterfeits is only interesting if the product represents a high sex appeal to the end consumer. In most cases, consumers cannot afford the genuine luxury products themselves and thus resort to the easily acquired deceptions and even accept health-damaging consequences. But not only the end consumer harms himself, but also the market or the manufacturers of the luxury goods are directly affected. This is because an important characteristic of a luxury good is the scarce supply of the exclusive goods. Thus, the deception and creation of plagiarism creates the appearance that these products can be purchased by "anyone/anything" and thus loses its attractiveness. Read details and the full article here.