Master Program

Esha and Her Path to the Master in International Business

The energy industry graduate looks for new business insights.

"My name is Esha, and I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar, India. During my bachelor’s degree, I was exposed to various industries, but I am the most passionate about the energy industry. I have worked with two leading petrochemical firms, which have helped me to develop a holistic view of the energy industry and the opportunity to participate in an exciting biofuel research project. 

This variety in my relatively short professional life means that I have worked in different ways for different companies: conducting cost analyses, planning, scheduling project activities, developing structured databases, and optimizing purchasing decisions."

So, why did I choose a master’s degree in Germany?

"To transition into a business development role or work as a management consultant in the energy sector, I realized I needed to expand my skillset to make those goals a reality. Sure, I have my bachelor’s degree, but I feel that the theoretical and practical technical experience I have can be complemented by additional business knowledge.

As for choosing Germany, it’s one of the top countries leading the way in renewable energy. Chemical industries such as BASF, Bayer, Henkel, and petrochemical firm Linde all have their headquarters in the country, so it really was an obvious choice for me!"

How I discovered the Master in International Business…

"I initially found out about WHU through a friend from my previous university in India, who recently completed the Master in Entrepreneurship at WHU. We had many conversations about business schools in Europe and what aspects made WHU stand out from the rest. So, I was convinced very early on that WHU would be the right fit for me.

When talking with the same friend about his program and how I was interested in the Master in Management, you can imagine how disheartened I was to learn that my engineering background meant I wasn’t eligible for that particular program! But when I later found out about the new Master in International Business and that it caters to non-business students, I applied straight away to start in September 2021.

The quality of education offered at WHU is impressive, as are the professional profiles of the alumni. It was vital for me to find a business school with smaller class sizes and a more collaborative environment. The location was another major factor. Since Vallendar is a small town, I knew that there would be a close-knit community of students and more networking opportunities."

An international focus is essential to me because…

"Companies are becoming more global, so it makes sense that managers need a level of cultural competence. This is why I was drawn towards WHU’s international focus: being in a culturally diverse environment and working alongside students from all over the world. I know that we will form deeper relationships with our classmates by appreciating each other’s viewpoints and embracing cultural differences."

Next stop: my arrival in Germany!

"There is plenty to do before I start my studies in Germany. Still, I plan on gaining some basic proficiency in the German language before I arrive to help me settle in easier. As I am from an engineering background, I will also complete some online business courses to prepare for the program.

This will be my first time living abroad for an extended period. Naturally, I am nervous, but the feeling of excitement is greater. I have no doubt that it will be an enriching experience for me. I previously visited Germany around four years ago. I enjoyed strolling through towns, spending hours in cafes, and gawking at the Cologne cathedral. I can’t wait to explore more of the country and integrate myself into its culture."

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