Master Program

From Designer To Entrepreneur at WHU

Utilizing creativity as the key to a broader career in entrepreneurship.

What is it like to be a designer at WHU? How does the creative mind combine with the entrepreneur? To study the Master in Entrepreneurship at WHU means for Max Julian Fischer, that he has arrived at the right place.

Max has a keen interest to solve problems, it belongs to his personality. From a young age, he gains experience in a wide range of projects that improve everyday life. He participates in discussions concerning the urban development project, Stuttgart 21, as a member of the youth council, develops hearing aids, a water dispenser, and a bicycle handle light.

“To seek human-centered solutions just fascinates me. To identify a problem, examine closely where the problem lies, and then try to find a solution based on my analysis.”

In 2014, he starts his architecture studies but soon realizes this path would constrain him to one field. With the expectation of a broader spectrum of projects in the future, Max goes over to industrial design in 2015. For Max, every lecture means personal and professional enrichment that will lead the way to his Master in Entrepreneurship at WHU.

“I think everyone is creative, we just forgot how to let creativity in. It requires courage and self-confidence. It was once said in our lectures: ‘Leave the eraser aside’, making mistakes is part of it. If a stroke does not fit, then the next will cover/fix it. It is a permanent process.”

In September 2020, Max starts the Master in Entrepreneurship at WHU. Even though his career did not follow the usual business administration path, he has just arrived where he needs to be.

“One of the strengths of design is that it makes things tangible. A design prototype turns abstract emotions or ideas into something physical, makes them real. That is a strength of design, which I can also find in the entrepreneurship area. Ideas are vague, intangible. Everyone has a different, very individual interpretation in mind. I see this process, to turn an idea into something real, as the connection between entrepreneurship and design.”