Master Program

Korhan Dursun - from Istanbul to Vallendar

Korhan on his reasons to study in Germany and his international experience so far.

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Korhan Dursun is originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and started his Master in Management at WHU in 2017. With the international application deadline looming, we caught up with Korhan to discuss his reasons behind studying in Germany and to hear how his international study experience is going so far!

Why did you decide to study in Germany?

Living abroad helps expand horizons and is a great chance to meet people from different backgrounds. Germany is welcoming towards internationals, has lenient visa procedures, provides an 18-month job search period, and the quality of higher education is very high in Germany.

Why did you choose to study at WHU?

It is one of the best business schools in Europe and it performs very well in the rankings. After I talked with alumni and current students, I was convinced that it is a perfect match with what I was looking for: good education, high reputation, and employment opportunities after graduation. 

"The practical focus is one of the best aspects."

How was your experience of the application process at WHU?

The Admissions Office was very helpful and enthusiastic and answered my questions firmly. Before applying, I attended an information session, during which I had a chance to talk with staff and one of the students from the MSc 2018 Class. It was a great chance to learn more about the school and what to expect. 

Was it easy to organize your visa, health insurance, and housing?

I had to collect a lot of documents, but the Admissions Office was very supportive and enthusiastic in providing help. I live in one of the rooms provided by the Housing Service at WHU, and it was easy to arrange. Many of my friends here chose to rent externally and it wasn't difficult for them to find a room or apartment either.  

How did it feel to arrive on Campus Vallendar for the first time?

Coming from a city with 20 million people, Vallendar felt a bit different of course! Almost everyone lives a 10-15 minute walk to the campus and it's great to think about how much time I used to spend in Istanbul to go from one place to another!

Did you attend the pre-semester German course?

Yes I did - I wanted to improve my German and meet my classmates at an earlier time. It is a great chance if you do not speak any German and in two weeks you can have a head start. I met some of my closest friends during this German course and I am happy that I took it.

"WHU pays great attention to internationalization."

What are you enjoying about studying in Vallendar?

Vallendar is a small town without the chaos of a big city or crowds. I can reach the campus in less than 10 minutes, which is very convenient. Additionally, since almost everyone lives very close to each other, meeting with friends anytime in the day is no problem. The small size creates a tight-knit community here. 

How does it feel to be an international student at WHU?

WHU pays great attention to internationalization and has ambitious targets to be more international. It is a great chance for me to learn from both German and international students about their culture.

What have been your highlights of the program so far?

1. The challenges - I believe that challenges help us to improve our tolerance and ability to handle them. The Master program at WHU provides case studies, individual/group assignments, presentations, workshops, and exams, all of which challenge you. The intensity of the program prepares you well for the workplace.

2. The practical focus of the courses is one of the best aspects of the program. In most classes there are case studies, guest lectures, and workshops.

What's coming up?

For my exchange semester next year I will go to Houston, Texas - I'm really looking forward to more international exposure, thanks to the mandatory exchange semester at WHU.