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The Power of a Double Degree with the Master Program at WHU

Exploring study opportunities beyond the WHU campus with Master in Finance student Yujing.

Yujing Liang

What better way to maximize your Master studies than to receive not just one degree, but also a second from another reputed international business school? We spoke to WHU Master in Finance student Yujing Liang, to find out why she chose to study in Germany and her experience of the Double Degree Program at WHU.

Discovering the European way.

After a semester abroad in Sweden during her Bachelor studies, Yujing felt her time there left a lasting impression and impressed by the European education system. This prompted her to research programs in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands when considering her Master’s degree. “I had three requirements for my Master’s degree,” she says. “Firstly that it should be a top-ranked program, secondly that it should have a dedicated career service, and thirdly that I would have the opportunity to complete an internship in that country. The WHU Master in Finance Program met all of those requirements.”

As she was living in China, it was not possible for Yujing to visit WHU but instead she sought out the advice and knowledge of other students who had studied there. “We have a website in China where students share information and opinions about international schools and programs. I received some very positive recommendations for WHU so I wanted to find out more.”

Joining the WHU in August 2019, Yujing knew before the start of her Master’s degree that she had the option to pursue the Double Degree Program, thus allowing her to benefit from a full second degree by completing two semesters at one of many worldwide partner schools, in this case, Olin Business School in St. Louis, USA. “I was really excited to hear that I could maximize my international exposure and gain more experience during my studies to help prepare me for future global opportunities. With two graduate degrees, I knew this would help me stand out later when applying for jobs.”

The Double Degree Program.

Completing one summer semester with Olin from June to August of 2019 before arriving in Germany, Yujing remarks that many Chinese students choose American universities because of their global rankings, not realizing that other European countries like Germany also offer top-ranked programs of equal quality. “I think being able to study in both countries has been incredibly beneficial for me. Chinese students often choose American schools because they have higher rankings and are more well-known. Thus, many of us may ignore the top programs offered by European countries (like WHU). With WHU and the Double Degree Program, I have had the opportunity to work with students from all over the world and from completely different backgrounds. Through team-based projects and case studies I have improved my communication and collaboration skills – being capable of working with different people is so important for an international career. WHU offers multiple opportunities to practice and improve on these skills during classes, which I why I am so glad I decided to study here.”

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Yujing was unable to complete her second semester at Olin this summer, but she continues to attend the online classes offered by the US institution. However, looking back at her studies so far, one benefit of studying at WHU that Yujing found especially helpful was the smaller class sizes. “I feel at WHU there is more interaction with the professor and among classmates because of the smaller numbers. It also feels like there is a stronger community and there are multiple events on campus to help you interact with new people.”

Finally, what advice does Yujing offer to new students especially those coming from abroad? “For sure it helps to learn German. There are many career opportunities with English speaking positions, but there are even more if you speak German. WHU is a very open-minded and friendly community, so don’t be afraid to talk to people.”

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