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Why Marc Rath Chose to Continue his Higher Education at WHU

Find out why Marc Rath decided to be part of the Master in Management Class of 2019.

WHU Student Marc Rath Master

More than a year ago, Master in Management Class of 2019 student Marc Rath was just finishing up his Bachelor degree. With two weeks to go before the application deadline, Marc decided to apply to WHU, proving its not too late to get your application in! 

What attracted you to the Master in Management Program at WHU?

A friend who was already studying here told me it would be hard work but that I will learn a lot, and that was exactly what I was looking for. He also told me about the community feeling, and having experienced that in my last semester at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), I wanted to study somewhere with a similar atmosphere.

In terms of program, I was attracted to the focus of the Master in Management at WHU as my Bachelors was quite comprehensive already. It’s definitely the case that you don’t purely do the normal frameworks here - you have to know them, but they are the basics and we dig deeper into the topics.

How was the application process?

I finished my Bachelors in April and then decided to apply two weeks before the deadline. It did take time with the essays and application, so I recommend applying earlier than I did, but it’s possible! The application process to WHU was a great experience – you get a lot of support, you know exactly what you’re doing, and how the process runs.

"I’m doing what I love - going to lectures isn’t a chore, it’s enjoyable."

What have been highlights from your first six months?

From an academic viewpoint, I really enjoyed a consulting project on internationalization strategy that focused on business and hands-on practice. We were doing the whole project for the CEO of the company, which made it challenging as we had the professional approach alongside the academics. I’m doing what I love, and going to lectures isn’t a chore, it’s enjoyable. From a community viewpoint, a highlight has been finding such close friends. There are people here that I can really relate to.

What has been your favorite module?

The family business module was interesting, and we’ve also done a field experiment module which was quantitative, so we learned how to set up a project, how to set up an experiment, how to work properly in an academic way. So far, there hasn’t been a module where I haven’t been able to apply something.

"We really learn how to structure projects and define which competencies fit together."

Has anything surprised you about the program so far?

I was expecting to work hard, but I was surprised at just how hard we work here – everyone is 100% focused and that has been a differentiation factor. I’m used to that mentality from my sports background, but it was surprising that the same focus and drive is here too. Another surprise has been the combination of competing and collaborating with each other. In the same course there are assignments that require you to compete with everyone, but at the same time you have to figure out how to get the best out of the group, so when that happens it's interesting – you need to love to compete!

"So far, there hasn’t been a module where I haven’t been able to apply something."

How would you define the WHU spirit?

In class we talked about the values of WHU – the community aspect is strong, so working together on projects is not just a cheesy quote. It’s happening, we do try to get the best from the project with a team. Teamwork is essential, so you really learn how to structure projects and define which competencies fit together. Next, the excellence is of course omnipresent – every professor is trying to get the best out of his research.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Choosing between the Master in Management or the Master in Entrepreneurship only depends on your preferences, they aren’t completely separated. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship then go for the Master in Entrepreneurship, it doesn’t harm your business education. For the application be prepared for the interviews, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – I asked a lot when I was applying and everyone was helpful and supportive of that.