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Full-Time MBA Students Explore Market Insights in Dubai

International experiences through the eyes of student Deepak Jha

Full-Time MBA Students Explore Market Insights in Dubai
Full-Time MBA Student Deepak Jha

The WHU MBA program exposes students to eye-opening perspectives and thought-provoking ideas. With diverse peers from around the world or in discussions with professors or guest lecturers, the focus is not only on knowledge but also inspiration. Students explore cross-cultural experiences during immersive international modules as part of the curriculum, developing a deeper understanding of other markets and cultural practices. We caught up with Full-Time MBA student Deepak Jha who recently attended the international module in Dubai, to find out more.

What was your expectation of the international module?

I was looking for exposure to different cultures, to find answers to my questions about other markets, and to learn from the people in business there. Connecting with new people is essential to better understand their culture and how business is run. Nuances during communication can be missed but are vital for success, and the best way to learn is from others.

What were the most significant eye-opening moments for you during the experience in Dubai? 

I had never visited Dubai before; I had a few misconceptions, such as that the whole economy is based on oil. However, I was surprised this was not the case and was impressed by how technologically advanced the country is. Companies such as ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) demonstrated the whole journey to deliver the oil. With the geopolitical situation in mind, it was interesting to understand how the supply chain has impacted us in Germany, where we see only the rising gas and oil prices.  

We also visited the Department of Economy & Tourism. It was interesting to see how quickly policy changes happen there. In Dubai, they focus on the overall welfare of their citizens and less on bureaucracy. 

How has the experience brought you closer to your peers or offered new connections? 

You spend a lot of time with your peers and get to know them much better, purely due to spending whole days together! You understand their personal stories much more profoundly and receive fresh perspectives. 

How would you describe the overall experience?

A lot was happening, and it can take some time to digest, but WHU ensures that everything is well planned. You always feel like you are seeing something new. The Dubai module is business-oriented and more practical, unlike other international modules, which can be more academically focused. There is something for everyone – if you join with an open mind, you will learn a lot.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA, and why WHU? 

Since 2013 I have planned to explore business studies and knew I needed to learn new skills and receive the right exposure. After my master’s degree and time gaining professional experience, I realized this could only happen through an MBA. 

My business school needed to offer international exposure, with an additional focus on the German market. I spoke to WHU two years before I joined, and the admissions department was so accommodating that I didn’t apply to any other business school. One element of WHU that really stood out for me was the number of international students which can be unusual elsewhere. This was ideal as I wanted to learn from my peers, especially those with different experiences and perspectives. This makes the program very unique.

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