MBA Program

Interview with Lisa Peiler

Lisa Peiler worked at Ströer for over two years before starting the Full-Time MBA Program at WHU. We met with Lisa to find out how her MBA journey is going so far.


Why did you choose to study an MBA at WHU?

I studied International Relations, which focuses more in political science than economics. From an MBA, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of economics. My decision to apply for WHU’S MBA program was influenced by WHU’s strong reputation and the international modules in the USA, China, and India.

"I enjoy studying full-time with classmates
from different countries - it's a cultural learning."

Why did you decide to undertake the Full-Time program and not the Part-Time?

I wanted the opportunity to fully focus on the MBA and finish my studies in a shorter time period than compared with the Part-Time program. Looking back, the Full-Time MBA was definitely the right choice. I’ve felt as though I could dive deeper into the new topics without the distraction of work job next to the MBA.

What were your expectations before the program?

I was expecting to receive a good understanding of economics and these expectations have definitely been met. The professors in the program are excellent as they offer an applied view that includes a number of real-life business cases.

How did you feel about returning to full-time study?

I’ve enjoyed studying full-time - it’s a very intense time with your classmates and as we come from various countries it’s also an interesting cultural learning. Not having a continuous income every month has also been a very interesting experience for me! I’ve learned how to allocate my savings for the whole year and to consciously spend my money.

"The trip to China and India provided me with the best insights of the program so far."

What has been your favorite guest lecture to date?

In our Operations class, we had a company visit from Porsche Consulting. The company representatives organized a workshop with us to demonstrate difficulties in operations managements.

What have your program highlights been so far?

Definitely the trip to China and India. We had two weeks filled with visits to various companies – for me the best insights from the program so far! We visited international companies such as Henkel, which gave me insights into the chances and challenges facing German companies in Asia. We also visited local firms such as an automotive supplier. It was interesting to see the differences in the organization and management between local and foreign firms.

"The full-time program is definitely a year very well invested!"

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about studying an MBA?

I would recommend it to anyone who lacks economic insights and is considering about a change in their career. It’s definitely a year very well invested!

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