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Leadership and Self-Reflection in the City That Never Sleeps

MBA students describe their time in New York

WHU Part-Time MBA Students arrive in New York

With students back on campus and international modules now in full swing, the WHU Part-Time MBA Program was delighted to continue the usual schedule with a visit to Columbia Business School, New York, at the beginning of June 2022. Not only does the experience offer students the chance to participate in lectures led by renowned Columbia professors, but also an opportunity to network with other MBA cohorts and peers.

“Being abroad and discovering new places with a group of like-minded people is the ideal environment for self-development,” says Part-Time MBA student Henri Deda. “I chose to study at WHU for many reasons, but one of those was the strong emphasis on leadership. This module has allowed us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and share it with fellow students. I learn so much about, with, and from them daily.”

The week at Columbia started with a celebratory champagne brunch cruise followed by a campus tour and group photo, easing the students into what was an intense learning experience. The rest of the week was packed full of insightful lectures on leadership and strategy, such as “Negotiations & Persuasion” from Bob Bontempo, “Values-Based Leadership” from Paul Ingram, and “Corporate Entrepreneurship in an Era of Transient Advantage” by Rita McGrath.  

“The first few days were very mentally stimulating and given me some food for thought,” says Henri. If anything, it has crystallized my vision of how I would like to pursue my goals. In the coming weeks, I will no doubt pull the levers I have been shown. It’s a truly transformative program.”

Henri Deda
Darya Novik

“Almost every word from Professor Pietersen (“Strategy Concepts and Applications”) was golden nuggets of business wisdom,” adds Part-Time MBA student Darya Novik. “We learned how to create winning strategies and implement them in a constantly changing environment. I feel that thanks to his lectures, my understanding of business and strategy has fundamentally evolved to a higher level.”

While the week-long event focuses on deeper learning and new knowledge for the students, they are often surprised by what they discover simply through the interactions and discussions with their cohort. “Although we spent most of the week in classes with distinguished professors, my most valuable learning experience was made through my classmates,” says Darya. “Our open discussions about personal growth topics helped me achieve several breakthroughs in understanding myself and re-evaluating my future. Whether in class or after lectures in a rooftop bar setting or while walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. I was delighted to spend so much quality time with a group of individuals that are very diverse on the one hand but also very homogeneous at heart on the other. Most of us are looking for profound answers to similar questions: we share the drive to become better versions of ourselves.”

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