MBA Program

MBA Module Abroad: Company Visits

From non-profits and humanitarian aid to skyscrapers and luxury goods

Continuing their international experience in Dubai, the WHU Full-Time and Part-Time MBA students visit local companies to broaden their market knowledge. On Tuesday, February 15, the first group of students visited the Department of Economy and Tourism, followed by a visit the next day to the International Humanitarian City, the largest humanitarian logistics hub in the world.

The International Humanitarian City in Dubai is non-profit comprising of UN organizations, other non-governmental groups, and commercial companies. Home to 500 people who represent more than 68 countries, the position of the hub is close to the airport and seaport, allowing its members to move shipments from sea to air in as little as 10 minutes. The hub can ever reach two-thirds of the world’s population within four to eight hours, enabling it to provide aid quickly to hazard-prone areas. 

“It underlined the concept that running a successful business also brings responsibility.”

“Visiting the International Humanitarian City was an outstanding experience that showed us the importance of globally connected aid operations,” says Full-Time MBA student Florian Mattern. “As an MBA student, much of the content you study is usually focused on optimizing businesses and strategies in different environments. The biggest humanitarian hub in the world connected the business aspect of visiting the UAE with something much more impactful; helping people that do not have the privilege of living in as safe an environment as us. It underlined the concept that running a successful business also brings responsibility.”

Later that day, the students visited Emaar Properties, a multinational real estate company with projects in Egypt, Turkey, and the USA. Aside from residential properties, Emaar Properties is also responsible for the number of luxurious malls and souks (now modern style shopping experiences) found in Dubai, and the impressive Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

“Encountering new people, ideas, and cultures broadens your mindset and takes you out of your comfort zone.”

The week concluded with a visit to company Dubai Duty Free, rounded off by a farewell dinner and a final lunch before heading back to Germany. “Visiting a company such as Dubai Duty Free provided us with practical information about the region, useful networking opportunities and served as a source of inspiration for future ventures into the luxury market,” says Full-Time MBA student Daniel Andrade. “For me, international exposure is significant, as it gives you a different perspective about life. Encountering new people, ideas, and cultures broadens your mindset and take you out of your comfort zone. It imparts you with the necessary skills to succeed in a globalized world.”

This Friday, the next group of students arrives for their international module in Dubai following a similar schedule of immersive cultural experiences, insightful lectures, and company visits. However, this second group will be treated to visit the inspiring Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Innovation Center, a clean technology innovation hub promoting a sustainable energy future in Dubai and beyond.

Next week we follow the second group and their university days, with insightful lectures on social entrepreneurship and crisis management in international business.