MBA Program

MBA Module Abroad: University Days

Equipping students with market knowledge and insights

Currently in the second week and the second group of students in Dubai, we caught up with MBA students who have participated in the international module over the last two weeks. The WHU Full-Time and Part-Time MBA students started their experience with a desert safari and dinner, followed by a visit to the innovative Dubai Expo 2020. On Monday and Tuesday this week, the module was intersected by several thought-provoking lectures held at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG). "I feel privileged to be part of the Dubai international module," says Part-Time MBA student Ljupcho Poposki. "The exceptional organization by WHU and its partner school, combined with the Dubai Expo 2020 and local hospitality, has added immense value to this high-end experience."

Monday kicked off with a lecture on Cultural and Global Governance followed by Crisis Management in International Business, with Dr. Immanuel Azaad Moonesar and Professor Melodena Stephens, expert faculty at MBRSG. The afternoon then dived into Macro-Economic Environment (Competitiveness) with Dr. Mona Mostafa. On Tuesday, students engaged in lectures on Social Entrepreneurship, and Global Policies (COVID-19 Response), again with Dr. Moonesar and Professor Stephens.

 "The global governance perspective complements the business knowledge we have from our classes at WHU very well," says Full-Time MBA student Valentina Ocker. "I have a personal interest in sustainability and how we can utilize business for good, and how we can use that to counteract climate change and tackle social issues. I really enjoyed the lecture by Professor Melodena Stephens on crisis management in international business. Especially as the Middle East has been a region prone to conflict, it was interesting to hear from her how some of these issues are addressed and managed."

The academic aspect of the international module aims to balance the students' experience in Dubai with the theory that they perhaps do not cover during the MBA curriculum back in Germany. The university days aim to broaden their perspective with new concepts that link directly to the local market.

"Connecting academic macro and microeconomic subjects with local company visits created an inspiring and tangible experience on how to do business in the UAE environment," says Full-Time MBA student Florian Mattern. "It is always important to have an academic background, but there are certain aspects that cannot be covered in class and that need to be experienced 'on the ground.' The Dubai module has helped me to grasp a deeper understanding of the culture, traditions, and industries within the country."