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The WHU MBA program visits the US for module abroad

(2022 Evanston Photographic Studios Inc.)

In November of this year, 65 MBA students traveled to the United States to participate in an inspiring module abroad in Evanston, Illinois, at the Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University. Due to the pandemic, students could not visit the campus since 2019. In December 2021, WHU brought Kellogg to Lisbon, Portugal, to initiate crucial networking and knowledge exchange despite the travel restrictions to the US.

The international modules during the MBA program at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management are integrated into the curriculum and focus on networking, knowledge, and inspiration. Whether it is social events among the cohorts and Kellogg students or deep diving into business risks in global markets. Students get a glimpse into life abroad and discuss current challenges or ideas with industry experts while cultivating lasting relationships with members of the wider WHU network. All important elements of developing as a future leader.

“I wanted to use WHU’s international module as a platform to learn about the professional approaches of people from different countries,” says Full-Time MBA student Ying Li. “It’s a chance to open your eyes to real-life business cases and topics such as Intellectual Capital Management, AI, and Design Thinking.” Ying Li joined the program in April 2022, looking to progress her career and develop her business acumen and soft skills. “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. WHU has a strong reputation for quality, networking, and diversity. It can provide me with new career opportunities and help my personal development journey.”

Other thought-provoking lectures from Kellogg professors included Global Economic Trends, Customer Experience Management, and Selling Your Ideas. Students also attended a Thanksgiving Day feast with MBA students from the Evanston campus, offering additional exchange and networking between the two business schools. “My one week at Kellogg School of Management has added a new perspective to my MBA journey,” says Full-Time MBA student Sakshi Goel. “It has forced me to think about products and services around me and why and how they have evolved from simple ideas.”

“With group projects, dinners, and networking events with people from the different cohorts and schools, we had an opportunity to learn much more about each other,” adds Ying Li. “This was a very memorable experience for me. The international module at Kellogg has given me fresh ideas for my future career. It has been a rewarding addition to the MBA program.”

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